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The day is finally here! I am truly honored, humbled and excited to be launching my blog, my new website and re branding my business. Let me introduce you to Kinergy Leadership.
Kinergy Leadership is truly all about you. You have been part of a vision I have been working towards for a few years. Yes you! Even though we are a Leadership and Personal Development Company, it’s all about Kinecting You to Your Potential!

Over 3 years ago, when my husband and I became ’empty nesters’, I knew my time had come. It was now my time to stretch outside my comfort zone and really start to give back. But then the questions came, … what was I going to do? … how is this going to look? … how can I possibly start a new career at this stage of my life? Well I have spent over 20 years leading and developing teams in the corporate financial world. I am passionate about helping others become all they were created to be. Just so you know, I am still on this journey myself. I will always be on this journey until I take my last breath. After much discernment I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to really take others on a journey of doing more, being more and achieving greater purpose and fulfillment in life, then it was time to become a Certified Leadership and Personal Development Coach and Trainer. That was over 2 years ago. It’s been incredibly exciting to come to this launch day today.

First of all, I believe you have much untapped potential. Whether an individual, entrepreneur or teams, helping you to elevate your leadership skills and accomplish more than you thought possible, with greater clarity and renewed confidence is my mission. Stay tuned to my blog for all the helpful tips and stories that will truly inspire your growth and success in Kinecting You to Your Potential!

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Welcome to My Blog

The day is finally here! I am truly honored, humbled and excited to be launchin