About Us

Who We Are

We are a Leadership and Personal Development Company and we believe in your potential. The higher your leadership ability, the higher your level of effectiveness and influence. We help individuals, entrepreneurs and teams, to elevate your leadership skills and accomplish more than you thought possible, with greater clarity and renewed confidence. Kinergy comes from the phrase Kinetic Energy: motion along a path from one place to another.

Our motto “Kinecting You to Your Potential” is a journey of partnering with you to discover where you are now, where you want to be, and how to overcome your obstacles in getting there. Through designing a strategy for your success, we help you create and more importantly, sustain the change and results you desire.

Businesses & Teams

We are a trusted partner to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses who desire to develop a winning mindset by applying proven success strategies.


How do you go from knowing to doing? We educate you on the skills, habits and attitudes to develop, to elevate your success.


Transformation occurs through a behavioural change process. We help you get clear on your goals while holding you accountable to the actions you set.


Once equipped with your fresh clarity and new confidence, you’re empowered to achieve more results and sustain your success.

Our Founder

Patti's Headshot

Patti Kay Hanrath is an Internationally Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. 

Patti brings over 20 years leadership management experience from the corporate financial world where she gained practical and extensive knowledge about winning with people, team building, sales and marketing. Patti, with her husband, have raised five children and developed a successful custom build construction company. Whether leading teams or raising children, Patti’s passion has always been to motivate people to achieve beyond their current circumstances in order to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Our Roots

Kinergy Leadership was founded by Patti Kay Hanrath to ignite a leadership revolution in her Community of Muskoka and beyond! Leadership is the ability to influence others to take a purposeful role in the accomplishment of a greater vision. During her career in the corporate financial world, Patti gained extensive knowledge about leadership,
team building, sales, marketing and exceeding customer expectations.
Her success brings valued perspective to each client. She is also a Certified Coach for the Empowerment Mentoring Program.